Instagram for Blackberry

Instagram for Blackberry News and Rumors!

Instagram is an app that needs to introduction if have been living on this earth for a couple of years. Originally, Instagram was developed an utility app, designed to take great pictures using it’s great special effects and color tones, but nowadays, it is more of a social network, as users can make comments, share and like photos, or follow other interesting users. Instagram is available for Android and iPhone, and maybe soon, Blackberry.

Rumor has it that Instargram for Blackberry will now be made available for users of the brand. However, there is still no confirmation about this report. Problem is, it was previously released on line, at the time when Android started employing Instagram as part of its range of apps so when people read the news online, they couldn’t help themselves to believe it. Problem is, this isn’t true!

The Beginning of Rumors

Remember the time when Apple users were most happy with their photo sharing app also known as Instagram? It seemed that back then, this was the most downloaded app of all time. It has received a number of prestigious awards because whoever was behind Instagram really came up with a wonderful idea.

Inspiration Behind Instagram

Instagram was primarily created to bring top-quality true-to-life pictures taken from normal lenses and ordinary cameras. It was first introduced as a photo sharing website that allows you to edit your pictures through roughly twelve different settings. Each Instagram setting was totally different from the rest and people used the setting that they preferred best for their pictures.

Instagram and Android

More than a year after Instagram was first introduced as an exclusive app on Apple, Android announced that it has already purchased the rights to this once-exclusive app. As a result, millions of Android users around the world were just happy to experience editing their pictures through this application.

Instragram and Blackberry

This news that spread like crazy on line gave Blackberry users a huge hope that Instagram will also be available on Blackberry. In fact, many people wrote several versions to the news but never included an actual confirmation from the head of Blackberry. And just like any news that goes viral, people believed it was the absolute truth. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

As difficult as it might be to burst people’s bubbles, no, Blackberry and Instagram will not be having any tie-ups soon. Only time can tell though whether this partnership can materialize in the future but if you are wish enough to realize how fast the turnover is when it comes to apps and gadgets, then you would know that by then, Instagram might not exactly be the most in demand photo sharing app of that time. Bottom line is, the partnership in the future just might not be worth it anymore.

Now that you finally know the truth, hopefully you will be able to inspire your other friends by informing them that their Blackberry smart phones will remain to be smart phones at least right now. After all, this was the primary inspiration behind creating Blackberry – to bring emails closer to people. This is also the very reason why its colors and appearance are more elegant compared to Apple phones.

So what are you still waiting for? Make sure to bid your idea of downloading Instagram for Blackberry goodbye and opt to download other exclusive apps you can access through the use of your mobile device instead.