Instagram Blackberry


There’s one thing Blackberry are most jealous of, that is, their inability to access Instagram on Blackberry when all other Android and Apple phones and tablets can. But if you really want to get Instagram for your Blackberry phone, all you have to do is crack the codes. The question is, will this be worth it? Aren’t there any alternatives to try?



The first option that Blackberry users have when it comes to downloading Instagram is to crack the phone in order to accommodate this kind of application. But how exactly is this done and what negative implications will it have on your cell phone unit?

Cracking Blackberry is easy. All you have to do is literally crack some codes to make it possible to download this app. But if you do not like to tinker with your little professional gadget, of course you can also seek help from people who are knowledgeable about it.

On the other hand, if you do not want to tamper with your phone’s warranty, then you can simply enjoy other options for photo sharing that’s available for Blackberry users like you. Although Instagram can be addicting, it’s not exactly worth it if you have to put your phone at risk.


How to Deal with Loss?

Now that you know that there’s no easy way for you to download Instagram on Blackberry, all you have to do is deal with this fact. Think of the reasons why you chose to purchase a Blackberry phone in the first place. Chances are because you are looking for a phone that easily pushes your email notifications and allows you to respond to business emails as conveniently as possible. That’s where the line needs to be drawn. Since Blackberry is considered as a smart phone or as an executive phone, it wouldn’t really be a good idea to let Instagram in.

On the other hand, Apple phones are more kid-friendly and more ideal for go-getters and do not have a branding that idealizes it for use among adults or executives. Apple phones are also famous for their wide range of apps, Instagram included and that’s how it will always be until the end.




Android and Instagram

Not so long ago, Android announced that it will also accommodate Instagram on its system and one can only home that Blackberry will also develop the same thing later on. Or will they be better apps for photo sharing developed then? There’s really no easy way to say this can be so.

Now that you have a lot of information and ideas when it comes to Instagram blackberry, what more are you still waiting for? Make sure to read through it again and again if only to convince yourself that Blackberry and Instagram are two different things that cannot be joined together.

When you’ve finally accepted this fact then you can just go on with using either your Blackberry for its main purpose of helping you out with the business or with your Apple that’s main purpose is to keep you entertained with thousands of apps.